Cardiology examination

Cardiology examination

Cardiology examines the heart and blood vessels, performed by a specialist specialist of internist cardiology.

Symptoms that are viewed by a cardiologist are a feeling of choking, chest pain, changes in blood pressure, dizziness or dizziness, the level of oxygen in the heart, the heart’s work and its failure.  

Increased risks for developing heart and blood vessels include:

  • • Heart and blood vessels disease in family history
  • • Exposure to constant stress
  • • Fat in the blood
  • • Excessive body weight
  • • Insufficient physical activity
  • • Age
  • • Alcohol and cigarettes

In the Superiora Polyclinic diagnostic tests are performed:

  •  ECG 
  • Measuring blood pressure
  •  Color doppler ultrasound
  •  Coronarography

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