What is dermapen?

Dermapen is a special non-irritant therapy for microgels that rejuvenate the skin naturally, stimulate regeneration and collagen and elastin production and restore youthful luster. At the same time, by stimulating regeneration, Dermapen is also used to reduce wrinkles, scars and striations.

Dermapen works on the principle of one-time, surgical microgels that, vibrating at a special angle and minimizing discomfort, stimulate the proliferation of collagen in cells responsible for skin renewal, while maximizing the protection of the skin even in the most difficult places available.

Since tiny bites are concerned, there is no real tissue damage, and collagen fibers and capillaries gradually stimulate the emergence of new skin, thereby reducing the unhealthy changes. It is about the process whose first results are seen after about a month, and the maximum effect, due to the maturation of the skin, will be visible after two years.

Dermapen is a therapy completely without contraindications and complications and is advised for patients who have problems with wrinkles, stitches, scars of acne, burns or surgery, as well as those who want to rejuvenate and tighten their skin.

Preparing the patient

Prior to the surgery, a Consultation Review at the Superiora Polyclinic should be performed in order to determine the patient’s wishes and expectations with the surgeon. Since Dermapen non-surgical therapy is performed without anesthesia, no more extensive preparation is required.

Before the therapy itself, it is necessary to remove cosmetics from the skin of the face.

The procedure 

Therapy begins with thorough cleansing of the skin with the appropriate products, followed by enzymatic peeling to remove the corneal layer of the skin. The facial skin is then disinfected and then applied to the Reviderm Hyaluron Hydro Balance ampoule that enhances the penetration of the hyaluronic acid deep into the skin. Therapy is performed in horizontal and circular movements, and at the end of the skin is treated with a nourishing, soothing dermocosmetic-adapted skin type.

For optimal results, Dermapen treatment is recommended to be repeated every two weeks to one month and maximum 10 times in continuity.

Recovery process and helpful tips

For the first hour to two after the treatment, the treated skin will be red, inflated, and warm to the touch, but redness and other symptoms will completely retreat within 24 hours after the treatment.

Immediately after Dermapen therapy, it is necessary to avoid sunbathing, sunbathing in direct sunlight and rough facial cleansing.

For optimal results, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s advice and regularly use the recommended dermocosmetic.