WOW-ice at the opening of Donna’s polyclinic

The opening of Donna Donna’s polyclinic was among the first to attend WOW women’s association members. Their housekeeper and owner of the polyclinic Dr. Merica Veir have presented numerous surgical and non-autoritative procedures, methods / interventions that help every woman and man improve their appearance, correct some minor health problems or aesthetic disadvantages and become more WOWs. The most important interventions are body corrections (upper and lower body), breast, head (nose, nose, eyelids), vaginoplasty (gyneoplasty, labinoplasty), filers for wrinkle ironing and lifting (facelifting, mini lifting, forehead lifting, which include international, cardiological, nephrological and endocrinological examinations.

Special attention to that evening was devoted to one of us with a fairly unknown aesthetic procedure more accurately known as Thai facelifting. We found out that this is a non-surgical and completely painless skin rejuvenation and subcutaneous method and that it is the most popular ancient Eastern Method of Rejuvenation for over 200 years. It belongs to one of Thai attractions of medical tourism. The Germans realized that aging of the skin consists of the loss of the connective tissue of the subcutaneous tissue, so that they did not insert into the subcutaneous tissue, which caused local inflammation, and compensated for the lost connective tissue and thereby aching the skin. This procedure is performed with resorptive threads that are inserted into the uppers in a depth of about 2 mm and cause a reaction of the type of connective tissue. They do not disappear over the next six months.

To perform complete facelifting of the neck and face it takes about one hundred needles. The application lasts for about two hours, and the patient is immediately capable of performing minimal daily correction of makeup. The effect itself is visible immediately, but due to the formation of a new binder in the subcutaneous tissue, it improves over the next six months and lasts for three to four years. Then it can be repeated. From this, it is evident why the Thai people look “eternally young”.

In the pleasant atmosphere of fine female energy, tasty hot bites were served, and the eco-wine Bolfan – train, gray and black pinot was tried. Wine hosts from Bolfan Wine Hill presented their wine offer by inviting to the warm and pleasant ambience of Bolfan klete in the heart of Croatian Zagorje, where with special attention they prepare lunch prepared from domestic eco products and serve their top award winning ecological wines with every food chain creating a balance the senses and harmony of the aroma and the taste in the mouth that last and last. It was a beautiful, inspirational and pleasant night to remember.