Vaginal rejuvenation

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation or vaginal rejuvenation is a surgical procedure that can be subjected to any woman dissatisfied with the length or appearance of her stubborn lips. The need for this type of “rejuvenation” of the vagina is most common in elderly patients, or in younger patients whose vaginal and oblique muscles are too relaxed. However, a candidate may be any woman who wants to improve sexual pleasure or is unhappy with the appearance of her vagina.

Patient preparation

Within one month before the vaginal rejuvenation period has elapsed, a consultant should be consulted with the physician, which should include the use of medicines that can be used continuously, as well as chronic illnesses and allergies.

At the same examination with the physician, the expectations and wishes of the patient will be defined and information on the postoperative period will be defined.

The procedure

Vaginal rejuvenation or is a one-way ambulatory operation performed in local or spinal anesthesia, meaning that the patient is awake and contactable during the procedure. The surgery involves microsurgical technique that causes minimal bleeding and allows very quick healing.
Recovery process and helpful tips
Swelling is possible three to four days after the operation and completely disappears after a few weeks. The patient can return very quickly to normal daily activities, while sexual intercourse is not recommended during the first two to three weeks after the procedure.
The scars are invisible, and the risk of complications is very small if the patient adheres to all of the physician’s instructions and advice.