Lip filler injection

What are lip filler injections?

Hyaluronic acid is found in our body where its skin is naturally synthesized. Although the acidic word itself is repulsive and binds to negative connotations when it comes to skin, it is necessary to maintain hydration and transfer water through the body. By the loss of hyaluronic acid, we lose the elasticity, tenseness and skin health, while the decrease in the amount of acid is most common with the years. Due to its properties, the lip augmentation is based on hyaluronic acid lately.

Patient preparation

Lip augmentation should be well planned to meet the patient’s expectations. According to the requirements, the surgeon decides which amount of the preparation will be used. It is very important that patient expectations are realistic because a smaller amount of acid implies a more natural appearance and faster recovery. In addition to oga, it is important to ascertain whether the candidate for the procedure has been suffering from certain diseases such as diabetes or lupus, whether there is oral herpes, blood and connective tissue problems. Lack of problems and illness is a condition for a person to undergo liver enlargement.

The proucedure

The augmentation of the lips is a simple operation that leaves no lasting and visible consequences. By injecting a gel containing animal hyaluronic acid is first injected into the lips, then the gel is biodegraded until completely disappear from the lips. During the decomposition of the gel, the nutrients, oxygen and hormones go smoothly with their lips and give them a more natural, healthier and fuller appearance.

The procedure takes less than half an hour.

Recovery process and helpful tips

The most important feature in the recovery phase of the procedure is mild swelling which must be put under treatment within the first 48 hours after the procedure. Cold wraps next day will most quickly remove the islands. All other functions are neat and a person can do everyday tasks without problems. It is not advisable to place creams and other make-up on the face a few days after the procedure.

When it comes to the result, it is practically visible immediately, but after six to nine months the treatment has to be repeated in order to keep the lip fullness persistent. With each subsequent surgery, lip augmentation lasts longer.