Correction of the chin

What it is chin correction?

Chin correction, expertly called and mentoplasty, is aesthetic surgery that corrects chin bone. Implanting or altering bone lengths are ways to bring the shape and length of chin to an optimal level. The goal of the procedure is to reduce or increase chin.

Combination with nose surgery

Chin correction is combined with nose surgery as one of the most effective facial implants. It’s just performing nose correction along with shaving changes commonly recommended by plastic surgeons. Since both interventions are considered routine, patients decide on the mentoplasty immediately after nose correction. Thus, in the short term, complete harmony of the entire area of ​​the face is achieved.

Patient preparation 

The preparations for the operation are full of heart, lung, urine findings and similar examinations that define the patient’s health condition. Anesthesia examination is also required. Anesthesia can be general or neuroleptic analgesia

The procedure 

Chest correction lasts between one and two hours. There are three methods to correct defects in the beard area. The first involves moving the bones forward so that a more accurate look and feel of the ‘decisive beard’ is achieved. In addition to moving the bones, irregularities can be eliminated by setting implants. When the desired result of chin redefinition is desired, the method of removal of excess fatty tissue from the chin and the neck is submerged liposuction. It redefines the line of beard. It is important to emphasize that chest correction does not only improve the aesthetic impression in order to raise the patient’s self-confidence, but it can also improve the functionality of the jaw, which is crucial for good bite and food digestion.

Recovery process and helpful tips

Short-term recovery is another advantage of this procedure. In exceptional cases hospitalization may last one day, while in most cases the patient continues to recover at home. The bandages on the face must stand for a few days, and you can expect a complete beard action for ten days. During this period, it is not recommended to present chin and jaw for more demanding efforts.

The results

The first desired results become apparent at the earliest for a month.

Until then, there is a possible presence of a mild island or a feeling of spasm, but as a rule the recovery passes without major complications. After surgery the scars are not visible.