What is  mesogun?

Mesogun is a new innovative cosmetics based on the principle of mesotherapy and the intake of active substance deeper under the skin by nano titanium crystalline injection.

Aims of innovative anti-aging Mesogun therapy are visible and sustainable results in the fight against aging, problematic skin and anti-cellulite treatments.

Like creams

To better understand the effect of the procedure, we can describe it as a cream that has a subcutaneous action. As the cream nourishes and hydrates the skin from the outside, so the mesophilous skin makes the skin elastic and soft, improving metabolism, lymph and blood circulation to reduce wrinkles, skin whitening and moisture retention, cellulite enhancing, fatigue acceleration and body weight loss.

The procedure of the procedure

The electric voltage pulsates through the hydrophilic channels through the lipid layer in the skin, thereby increasing the electrical impulses and skin permeability. In this increased skin penetration, active and high molecular substances penetrate painlessly into deeper layers of the skin, thus stimulating skin metabolism. The advantage of this treatment compared to needle abscess unpleasant side effects such as hematoma or rash. This new, painless and precision cosmetic treatment will leave an immediately visible impression on your customers!

Recovery process and helpful tips

The surgery itself is almost painless just as recovery. Reduced redness and swelling may take up to several hours after the treatment and then people can return to doing daily activities. Sun exposure is not recommended after surgery.


The results are visible very quickly, and for the full effect, the treatments need to be repeated several times a year. People older than 50 years and those whose skin is noticeably in poor condition may be subjected to somewhat more intensive treatment that should be repeated more often.