Penis enlargement

What is penis enlargement?

Elongation and augmentation of the penis are penis enlargement treatments whereby the male sex organ extends and increases its volume. It is a procedure for increasing penis size by 2 to 5 centimeters. By subtracting the suspending ligaments, the intestinal part becomes active and the penis is prolonged. In addition to the extension of the penis, it is possible to increase its volume. The volume increases in the way that fatty tissue or silicone is injected into the penis.

With penis enlargement for 2 to 5 centimeters, eloquence and augmentation of the penis size can be increased by 30%. Why Increase Your Penis?
The largest number of patients increases the penis for sexual function. Sexual pleasure, reproduction and urination can also be performed with a smaller penis size. When it comes to average penis size, it is between 8 and 11 centimeters in adults, or between 15 and 18 inches in the erection. Penis enlargement causes physiological improvement and a better visual impact on women, which is of great importance to men for their self-confidence and overall psychological effect.

The size and thickness of the penis definitely contributes to a better feeling, self-confidence and sexual life, which is why men decide on this aesthetic treatment.


Patient preparation

Consultation and agreement on penis enlargement is a standard part of the preoperative phase. What many people are interested in is discretion. This is guaranteed in our clinic as well as expert advice and answers to all your questions. The area around the penis should be shaved before the operation, as it is necessary to check the laboratory blood and urine findings and to do an ECG scan. Penis enlargement can be performed under local anesthesia, but sometimes the surgeon can decide for the general.

Recovery process and helpful tips

The postoperative process starts 24 hours after the operation when the operative area is released. During the sewing operation, the biodegradable strain that disappears about ten days after the surgery is used for sewing. Possible swelling may take up to two weeks. Complete recovery is realistically expected after 6 weeks. It is not advisable to practice sexual intercourse within this period.