Laser hair removal

Laser epilation of hair?

Laser hair removal or laser epilation is the safest, fastest, most effective and most obnoxious way to remove hair from the body. Smooth body, and especially smooth legs, are the majority of women’s desire, and laser hair removal allows them to easily and permanently remove hair in all areas of the body.

Why Laser?
Laser with its energy can penetrate up to several millimeters below the skin and thus destroy the root of the hair, or its matrix cell. This prevents hair growth. Diode laser with its intensely pulsating beads reaches the hair follicle painlessly and effectively prevents growth again so laser hair removal is the choice of most of our clients.

Patient preparation

People with lighter skin and with darker hair are more likely to notice the results faster and more often. However, several actions a day before removal can alleviate the treatment. It is recommended to shave without cough, avoid sunburn and skin tanning and shower before treatment to remove makeup, deodorants and the like. Of course, consultations with our experts before epilation are a mandatory part of the whole process.

The procedure

The duration of treatment depends on the size of the area where the hair is removed. Laser hair removal can be completed for a few minutes, for example, around the mouth area, while for larger areas such as the back, the treatment may take up to an hour.

Just removing is painless thanks to the technology that nullifies the warmth and light feelings of the sting.

Recovery process and helpful tips

Each individual, depending on the skin, the color and hair structure can notice different occurrences after the treatment, but all are harmless. Mild skin irritation or redness is possible in people with more sensitive skin. In addition, it is possible that the operation, to complete the result, will have to be repeated after a few months. It depends on many different factors and genetic predispositions. In addition, after the treatment we do not recommend exposing the skin to sunlight.

In the event of unwanted occurrences, our expert staff is at your disposal.