About Us


The Superiora Polyclinic is an institution that deals with surgical and internistic activities. We provide short-term postoperative care, which means that apart from small, we do some more demanding operative procedures. As our name suggests, our tendency is to be educated in line with contemporary world achievements, to bring and apply new knowledge of aesthetic, corrective, general surgery, and the treatment of internal diseases, especially endocrine hormonal disorders.


General surgery

Wart removal, scratch correction, filer treatment, wrinkle ironing treatment and stem cells.

Aesthetic surgery

Correction of the body, breasts and face, vaginoplasty, lifting.

Hormone therapy

Internist examination, cardiology, nephrologic examination and endocrinological examination.

Thai facelift

Non-surgical facelift, an ancient Eastern method with a resorptive thread that is introduced into the subcutaneous conduction of the binder-producing reaction.

Our specialty

We offer more than 20 services, an enviable list of professional doctors for which the Superiora Polyclinic exists. Quality work and long experience of our associates ensure excellent results and a genuine smile of our clients. With the desire to provide the finest, we use the state-of-the-art technology and methods that you will forget about the statement “For beauty we have to suffer”. Let us achieve your beauty with its art.

  • Laser Treatments
  • Liposuction
  • Labioplasty
  • Abdominoplasty
  • PRP Scalp Therapy
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Dermal fillers
  • Wrinkle ironing treatment


The importance of diagnostics

The Superiora Polyclinic is a health care institution, primarily intended for the promotion of health and beauty. Apart from treating general surgical and aesthetic surgeries, we give special attention to the diagnosis and treatment of generalized internal diseases, which means practically the treatment of any internal discomfort, group of symptoms, pain or discomfort.

A complete individual approach

The specialty of our concept is a complete individual approach to the patient. A complete approach for us means; Only a healthy organism can be a nice organism. If a patient complains of certain symptoms, such as a woman suffering from morning lupus and rapid heartbeat; Instead of giving antiarhythmics, we will determine whether it is basically a real cardiologic problem or hormone or otherwise determined symptoms.

By our approach, we are unique in tracking scientific achievements and their application. In order to consistently apply our knowledge and experience, we have been trained in areas of endocrinology, general, internal and aesthetic-reconstructive surgery. We also work with a number of leading experts from these areas. Individual access to each individual gives greater value.

A patient who may have come up with the desire to make an aesthetic procedure, for example liposuction, has solved the cause of the initial fat buildup after our treatment and counseling. We are also prepared to try to solve specific and demanding medical problems by consulting and bringing experts who have experience in a given problem.

Antiaging in the role of health

Antiaging medicine or medicine of aging retardation aims to maintain healthy vital functions in spite of the aging of the body. It is largely complemented by aesthetic medicine, and the overall concept of health keeps the person high-functional, vital and beautiful.

In antiaging surgery, we emphasize the application of resorptive threads in Thai Face Lift, which is performed with hundreds of threads on the whole face, thus restoring skin tone. Mostly, resorptive drugs are used in other clinics individually, but we practice a whole treatment with a few hundred or so of different purpose to improve the tone of the skin of any part of the body. In aesthetic and reconstructive surgery we are also ready for larger reconstructive ventures, consulting and bringing renowned experts who have demonstrated a number of successful achievements regarding the issues.

Postoperative care

Postoperative care is provided in the hospital part of the polyclinic. We have adequate medical supervision, the patient has at his disposal apartment accommodation and full medical care.Patient in the first place.

It is also important to note the question of our patients’ discretion. The clinic is conceived so that it has 2 exits and the stay and privacy of the surgical patient is physically separated from the ambulatory part. A patient in a hospital apartment can go unharmed with his own exit. Additionally, if a patient wants premium discretion, he or she may be required to be the sole patient of a polyclinic during processing and stay. Upon arrival, the patient and the polyclinic can sign a discretionary agreement. Regardless of the contract, the medical secret obliges doctors to discretion.

For all inquiries, patients can come by email, direct phone or personal arrival at address in working hours.