Hand surgery

What is hand suregery?

Fibrous surgery is one of the most unknown features of plastic-reconstructive surgery. However, taking into account the fact that the bony bone is the most commonly broken bone in the human body, it is clear that hand surgery plays a major role in correcting the consequences of various fractures. Apart from the operation itself, hand surgery also deals with diagnosis and treatment. Different hand and ear injuries can also be treated. Fibrous and upper extremities, carpal and cranial canal syndrome, malignant tumors, tendon diseases, anomalies, and contractures are just some of the problems that often cause pain and discomfort in the fingers area and just hand surgery can eliminate all of these diseases and dysfunctions.

Patient preparation

Since bone reconstruction is concerned, preoperative examination and planning must be clear and precise. The grip itself has to be done perfectly because the area of ​​the hand is very sensitive due to the mismatch of various structures. If the operation is performed professionally and efficiently, there will be no potential complications and problems.

The procedure

As we have mentioned, fracture of the bone is the most common fracture on the human body, and a large part of the consequences of this fracture is treated surgically. Consequences can be complicated because injuries can damage the tendons, bones, skin, vessels and nerves, but hand surgery is quite easy and routine. It ideally reconstructs each of the said hand structure, resulting in a complete functional return.


Elderly persons

In addition to injury and fracture, the cause of surgery may be osteopenia and osteoporosis occurring in the elderly. The course of action in these cases is somewhat different, but the results after surgery are just as good.

Recovery process and helpful tips
Any hand surgery can imply a different recovery. Rarely when the two firing operations are identical, the recoveries differ from person to person. Nevertheless, regardless of the severity of the injury and the complexity of the operation, physical medicine and rehabilitation significantly shorten the recovery time and restore the hand to an optimal state. Procedures such as cooling and taking pain medications will be informed during check-ups.