What is lipofilling?

Lipofiling is an aesthetic procedure of skin rejuvenation, wrinkle correction or minor irregularities such as recessive or tissue damage, which is based on the transfer of fat cells from one to another part of the patient’s body. It can also be used to fill in tissue injuries caused by injury or surgery. Lipolifting is often performed after liposuction to correct skin irregularities during the procedure.

During the operation, fat cells from the belly, thighs or buttocks of the patient are used, which after treatment are applied to the desired area – face, lips, breasts, etc.

Patient preparation

A consultation is required prior to the procedure, during which the patient will receive instructions on the necessary diagnostic examinations. A week before and after surgery it is recommended to avoid medication that affects blood coagulation, and eight hours before the operation itself, no drinking or eating should be consumed.

Also, on the day of surgery it is not recommended to use shower preparations that hydrate / absorb the skin. Instead, a regular soap or shower gel should be used, since the skin should not be further hydrated before the operation.

The procedure

The fatty tissue needed for lipophilization is removed by liposuction from the belly, thigh or buttocks of the patient, where usually the largest fat layer on the body is commonly found. The thus obtained fatty cells are then purified, centrifuged and ultimately injected into the desired site and corrected for unwanted irregularities.

For optimal results it is necessary that the blood vessels of the patient are well developed, since they are of decisive importance for a permanent visible change in the treated site. Namely, part of the body’s cells will not accept, the part will go away and it is estimated that the range of “high-quality” cells ranges from 30 to 70 percent, depending on the patient. Consequently, it is common to repeat the procedure two to three times for the desired results. The operation lasts up to two hours.

Several hours to a few days after the injection in the injected places, as well as in the places where fatty cells are taken, there will be visible swelling and bruising. These areas will also be protected by compression curves for the next two to three weeks.

After the surgery is recommended to avoid more demanding physical activities, including more exercise.

By adhering to all medical instructions and regular check-in and check-in arrangements, it is important not to remove the compression bandage by itself, even if it does not seem necessary anymore.