Internist examination

Internist examination

Internist examination is performed at:

  • phenomena of defective problems before surgery
  • for preventive purposes
  •  general medical examination

The internist examination is performed by a specialist of internal medicine.

What does an internist look like?

After an exhaustive history, the doctor performs a clinical examination that includes inspection, palpation, percussion and auscultation, which means that the physician will determine what the general condition of the patient is, to look at the skin and the visible mucosa, gently press the fingertips to examine lymph nodes, blood vessels, abdominal organs and obey heart and lungs and measure blood pressure. Upon agreement with the patient, the physician will decide on further necessary examinations or examinations upon completion of the ECG interview and examination. Accurate diagnosis based on the data obtained is a prerequisite for successful treatment of the patient.  

How to prepare?

It is necessary to bring any earlier findings. It is desirable to have a look at the urine for possible laboratory examinations.

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