Thai facelift

Thai facelift

The Thai face lift is a method older than 200 years old, still today considered a brand in Thailand and is not allowed to be taken out of the country. It is one of the attractions of medical tourism.

The Thai people realized that aging of the skin was caused by the loss of the subcutaneous bite, and put underneath the nipples that caused the local inflammation and compensated for the lost binder and thereby ate the skin.

Thai face lift is a non-irascible skin rejuvenating and subcutaneous method. Local anesthetic is skin-tightening. Different lengths of tank needles are introduced into the resorptive thinned threads. Each needle has a length tag, so that the thread is completely submerged to a depth of 2 millimeters. Since there are no nerve endings and blood vessels, the operation is almost painless and is not followed by bleeding. A total of one hundred needles are needed to complete the face lift of the door and face. The application takes about 2 hours, the patient is able to perform their daily activities with the minimal correction of makeup. The effect itself is visible immediately, but it is about to create a new binder in the subcutaneous tissue and it improves over the next 6 months. And it stays 3-4 years. Then it can be repeated. From this, it is evident why the Thai people look “eternally young”.

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