Surgical butt lift

What is surgical butt lift?

Surgical lifting of the buttocks is an operation that corrects the lice or excess skin on the buttocks and thighs. While skin sagging may occur due to sudden weight loss, excess skin on the buttocks may be due to aging or genetics. Both deficiencies can be remedied by this type of surgery. Although the results are top-notch, surgical lifting of the buttocks is a delicate procedure that requires serious preparation and adherence to instructions after surgery.


The goal of the procedure

The goal of the procedure is to raise the tissue of the buttocks to the desired level. In this way, the patient solves the flat and padded look that he replaces the oblique look. In addition to improving the appearance of the buttocks and thighs, aesthetically improving the transition space between them.

Patient preparation

The first step in the preparation of the operation is to collect health data and acquaint yourself with a doctor with any previous aesthetic interventions you have performed. Consultations should inform the patient about the procedure, postoperative treatments and expected results. Two days before the procedure the body needs to be dressed with antibacterial soap, and eight hours before the surgery can not eat and drink anything. Sometimes the recommended medication should be taken before the procedure.

The procedure

The procedure is performed in general anesthesia. Depending on the condition and amount of skin to be removed or lifted, surgical lifting of the buttocks can be performed with the aid of two or more cuts. The standard method is a slit from the back of the hips to the gluteal regions, removing the fatty deposits, and setting the drain that collects the fluid under the skin. Some operations can also be performed with cutouts in the grooves. They work if the goal is to lift up the inner thighs. When the skin has been raised to the desired level, it is sewing and the end of the procedure. Surgical back lift is one of the surgical procedures with a variety of individual approaches, so different methods can be used during surgery.

Recovery process and helpful tips

Recoat starts compression cranking immediately after surgery. The first day is needed to rest, and the next time you start with a gentle walk. After a few days the dren will be removed, and then you can shower. Full recovery can last up to two months during which you must give the corset.

Dandruff, pain and swelling may be present several weeks after the operation, and returning to day-to-day activities is considered for 7 days. At regular check-ups, your doctor will inform you about restoring more physical activity and other everyday habits.