Skin tightening

What is skin tightening? 

Tightening of the skin is becoming more and more popular in recent years. Skin is the largest and most visible human organ, and the appearance of the skin may have the most influence on the appearance of the body. Many people who had problems with excessive skin or some skin changes were convinced that tightening of the skin is a very effective procedure for solving such problems. Pregnancy, aging and sudden weight loss are the most common cause of red skin, and because of such processes and conditions people choose to make the skin even firmer and younger. Thanks to the latest technology, tightening of the skin is very efficient and high quality.

Patient preparation

Belly, upper arm, chest and thigh are parts of the body where the skin usually folds and relaxes. Considering the place of skin relaxation, the age of the patient and the condition in which the skin is located, experts plan the operation, but also treatments before or after the procedure itself.

Strengthening circulation and drainage are some of the treatments that prepares the skin for surgery but also treats it afterwards.

The procedure

The operation is performed with the help of the optical, electromagnetic energy of the laser and its radio waves. Tightening of the skin is in itself a deliberate damaging of the connective tissue with the aim of causing the organism to produce stronger collagen to make the skin redundant due to this damage. This rejuvenation involves tightening and rejuvenating the skin so it becomes more tense, softer and softer. This is precisely the goal of the treatment and desire of many people. In addition to its appearance, this treatment improves the health and quality of the skin.

Recovery process and helpful tips

The results of the procedure are most excellent, but it is often not possible to completely remove excess skin. The mentioned circulation and drainage are definitely recommended before and after treatment to help the skin react better to the changes and accept them. It is important to bear in mind that here is a tissue that is being recuperated more slowly. Talking on average, full recovery and visible results come 3 months after surgery.

In some people the recovery may be shorter, while in some it may take up to 10 months.