Silhouette Soft face lifting tips

What are silhouette soft faced pins?

Silhouette Soft Face Lifting Lashes are a special non-surgical technology that represents a new concept in rejuvenating the face. Produced in the United States, Silhouette Soft simultaneously raises and regenerates the skin, acting on two-way resorptive threads.

This non-invasive treatment has been developed due to the six-year experience of using suspending threads in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, and because of its simplicity, rapid recovery and brilliant, immediately visible results is increasingly popular throughout the world.

Silhouette Soft face lifting nose is primarily intended for middle and lower age men, women and men who want to correct the mild skin relaxation and restore freshness to their appearance – all without long recovery and hospital stay.

This treatment, however, is not recommended for people with “suspended” facial features caused by hypertrophy due to aging or skin tingling that indicates a lack of fatty tissue. In these cases, the doctor will recommend some of the other, more appropriate procedures.

If desired, the patient’s wishes, Silhouette Soft treatment can also be combined with dermal fillers and preparation for wrinkles.

Preparing the patient

Before a scheduled appointment, a consultation screen should be made, which should also mention the medicines that can be used continuously. Due to the danger of hemorrhage and hematoma, it is recommended to avoid medication that affects blood coagulation, and smoking is recommended 10 days before the procedure itself.

Six hours before the operation, no drink or food should be consumed, and on the day of the treatment the moisturizing baths need to be replaced with ordinary soap or gel.

The procedure of the procedure

Since it is not invasive, the procedure is performed at a medical outpatient clinic, in local anesthesia, which is applied at places where Silhouette Soft connects, or where it ends. The procedure lasts about an hour, during which the doctor will need to insert one or more threads carefully under the skin at a depth of 3 to 5 millimeters.

They will not hold the so-called ” resorptive snoring, and the doctor will then, by gentle pressure, manually shape the treated area to achieve the desired result.

Recovery process and helpful tips

Since this is a relatively simple, non-surgical method, the recovery is very fast and the patient can return to his daily obligations for an hour after surgery.

However, the first three weeks are recommended to maximize “keep” your face. Specifically, it would be better to avoid more severe pressure on the skin, including rough facial cleansing. It would be a good move to lower your faces to a minimum and during that period try to sleep on your back, with the upper body in the elevated position.

The first five days after the treatment it is recommended to avoid more demanding physical activities, including more exercise, the hair needs to be gently and carefully applied to the make up. The same applies to shaving in men.

Massages and other treatments such as sunbathing, solarium, sauna and the like should be avoided two to three weeks after the treatment.