PRP Stem Cells Therapy

What is PRP stem cells therapy?

Rejuvenation with your own stem cells is the most natural and safe method of skin rejuvenation. Stem cells in PRP methods efficiently regenerate the skin by encouraging more intense collagen production. Rejuvenation with your own stem cells is aesthetic-corrective surgery applicable to the face, neck, neckline and limbs. An important role in rejuvenating play is blood and / or platelets. They are key to improving skin health and thus slow down signs of aging.

Blood plasma
Rejuvenation with your own stem cells is based on the function of blood plasma. Specifically, blood plasma is an extracellular fluid that does not contain leukocytes and erythrocytes, but platelets, water, salts and proteins – important ingredients for restoring and rejuvenating the skin.

Popularity growth

Rejuvenation with your own stem cells is a revolutionary method of skin renewal that is experiencing rapid growth in popularity over the last few years. Except for the most natural way of restoring collagen, PRP treatment is also appealing due to the variety of areas of the body where it is susceptible.

So rejuvenating with your own stem cells can rejuvenate appearance, reduce wrinkles, scars and strokes, increase lips, correct underwriters, and remove cellulite.

The procedure

The operation begins with the withdrawal of blood from which special blood plasma is excreted by special procedures. Then cells are injected into the skin where their action begins. Deeply injected plasma works stronger than surface injection. Anesthesia for PRP is not required unless it is rejuvenation in the lips area.

Repeat treatment Despite the fact that the results are visible already after the first treatment, it is necessary to repeat it for the long duration of the results. It is recommended in the weeks and months following the first treatment to repeat 3 more times, and when rejuvenation becomes visible, maintain the desired level once a year.

Rejuvenation with your own stem cells does not require recovery from the treatment. If it is about rejuvenation in the face, we recommend to the patients one day rest.

After treatment on other parts of the body, you can return to all activities on the same day.

Results are quickly visible. Patient satisfaction is great, and what is the added benefit of this kind of rejuvenation is the continuous and daily improvement of skin condition.