PRP neck rejuvenation

What is neck rejuvenation?

PRP Rejuvenation is a completely natural treatment that uses a lot of  blood plasma rich with platelets to solve many problems including treating damaged tissue, ligaments and bones, alopecia, wrinkles and acne marks, and rejuvenating neck, neckline and face. PRP is an English abbreviation derived from “Platelet Rich Plasma”, which is a type of regenerative medicine that has a number of advantages: rapid scarring, almost no risk of allergic reaction and very little risk of irritation, as the blood of the patient is used for treatment . In short, the organism is given the ability to work with its own strength in favor of itself by targeting the places that the patient chooses.


Patient preparation

Prior to the surgery, a Consultation Review at the Superiora Polyclinic should be performed, whereby the patient will explain to the doctor their wishes and expectations.

PRP rejuvenation is performed without general anesthesia, no more extensive preparation is required, but it is important to note possible allergies, chronic diseases and medications that are being used continually as well as earlier interventions under which the patient underwent.

The procedure

PRP therapy is performed without general anesthesia, with the possible use of local anesthetic, and the whole process, together with preparation and recovery, lasts for up to two hours.

PRP rejuvenation begins with the extraction of a smaller amount of blood from the patient from which the platelet is then prepared. The blood is then subjected to a special centrifuge during which the required plasma is produced. This process takes about 20 minutes. When the PRP is ready, the plasma is injected into the skin at the desired depth using very thin needles. Stings in the neck area are not painful and do not require local anesthesia.

The procedure for the best results should be repeated on average three times, with a gap of about six weeks.

Recovery process and helpful tips

Immediately after the procedure it is only possible to have a short period of redness, discomfort, which makes it possible to use one day of recovery. However, most patients are returning their normal activities for the same day without any problems. In the first weeks after the treatment, the skin is visibly fresher, better toned and moisturized, and in the next three to six months, thanks to a new collagen and blood vessels,  unwanted lines and wrinkles are visibly “wiped”.