Mezonites non-invasive face lifting

What are mezonites non-invasive face lift?

Seasonal, or facial treatment of mesonite is a non-therapeutic treatment that yields excellent results and does not carry the risk of surgery. They are seamless in their essence, fibers that rejuvenate and tighten the skin. They are made of polydioxanone material that breaks down itself beneath the skin surface and does not cause an allergic reaction. Because of its excellence and benefits, polydioxanone is used in heart and blood vessels surgery. Threads of these materials are introduced by the mesonite needle treatment under the skin and thus encourage the development of a new collagen that is essential for skin rejuvenation. They should be seasoned prior to decomposing in the skin for approximately 6 months. This treatment is the most natural method of collagen production.


Patient preparation

Mesotherapy is a selection of people who do not want to undergo face lifting or botox rather than operative treatment. The most common patients are persons over 35 years of age, members of both sexes. Recovery is what you will read, short-lived and painless, the risks are minimal and there is no complication. That is why mesonites are increasingly popular among people who want to remove wrinkles and correct skin, especially in the area of the eyes and lips.

The procedure

The area where the treatment is performed is threated with anesthetic cream, and in some cases local anesthesia is used. Then the mesonites with needles are inserted under the skin, followed by a one-day recovery.

Recovery process and helpful tips

We can say that recovery doesn’t exist, but sometimes it’s good to skip the day-to-day obligations on one day. If there is a large number of mesonite in the skin, it is possible to notice bruising on the face that lasts one or two days.

The first results are currently visible, and the full score is 3 months. This is, in fact, the time needed to create a new collagen that was stimulated by the mesonite. Satisfaction with results is most common after only one treatment, but some people decide on more than one treatment.

The activity of mesonite lasts up to 2 years.