What is LABIOPLASTY – Estheticon?

Lips are part of the vulva, which is called labia, and these can be the cause of certain disorders in a woman’s sex, especially after delivery. The excess of skin on labia is the most common problem for women who choose to do labioplasty. The aesthetic change, apart from improving appearance, also eliminates problems that arise during sexual intercourse or sports activities. Labioplasty can thus reduce the pain caused by dry lips that can be pulled into the vagina and cause pain.

Patient preparation

Adult womans are the best candidates for the surgery. Labiaplasty is the most common choice for women who want to correct lip appearance after birth. However, young people with dysfunctional abnormalities of vulva are also choosing  this procedure. Therefore, the labioplasty results in the transformation and reduction of the lining of the tissue around the opening. Constriction of the diameter greatly increases the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Countless benefits of the project and top results are the reason why confidence in the surgery is increasing.

The procedure

Preparations begins with consultations and talk through which patient expectations are determined and the surgeon acquaints the patient with useful information. It should also be emphasized that during the pre-surgery period it is not recommended to consume medicines such as Aspirin and Ando due to their effect on blood composition. After the surgeon confirms the willingness of the patient to undergo the operation, results in the exact timing of the operation. Labiaplasty is a harmless procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia. In some cases the doctor may decide for the general, but these situations are rare. On average, surgery takes an hour, but since it is a very sensitive area, additional caution may prolong the duration of surgery. The surgery is also sensible because the seam edges must be impeccable to prevent bleeding in the postoperative period.

Recovery process and helpful tips

It is logical for every person to perceive the visibility of results differently, but the vast majority of patients are fully satisfied with the changes made.
Aesthetic appearance and improved functionality satisfy the patients who ultimately improve their self-confidence. Therefore, in the success of the procedure, if you adhere to all the tips, there is no reason to doubt.

Recovery is relatively short and easy. Within 10 days of surgery you can expect less pain, annoyance and uncomfortable feeling, and the surgeon’s advice will help you to overcome these problems.

Thanks to soft and self-extinguishing seams and recommended creams and greasures, the recovery will be short-lived and results are more visible.