Ears correction

What is ear correction?

Ears correction is a corrective aesthetic procedure that eliminates the deformation of the ear. It is most often corrected if you have irregular line in relation to the head. Asymmetry and inherent deformation of the ear are not uncommon, and ear correction is a one-sided operation that removes all of this.

Patient preparation

Undeveloped edges, shallow ear shells  and upright irregularities are most often malformations visible from birth. Disappointment, especially if deformities are present on the face, can cause a feeling of dissatisfaction, low value, and disrupted self-confidence. Therefore, ear correction is an ideal procedure to correct these deficiencies and prevent the strengthening of negative feelings. What is specific to the rhinoplasty and which is different from most other aesthetic interventions is that it can be done already in the early stages of childhood. Growth of the ear canals is almost completely completed by the age of five, so  operation can be done after the sixth birthday of a child.

The procedure

Ears correction is routine and usually takes up to an hour. Good preparation and quality cut are the most important in the operation process itself. Otoplasty is performed under local anesthesia.

Recovery process and helpful tips

From 24 to 48 hours after the operation, a thick bandage must be worn around the head. After removing the bend, it is recommended to wear an elastic band that prevents any ear injuries that may sometimes occur during sleep. Complete recovery, ie the disappearance of pain, swelling and itching takes about a dozen days, and the seam is recovered after seven days.

The results of the operation

After the complete disappearance of all traces of surgery, ie for approximately ten days, operation will show its results. The scars are not seen, and the pleasure is complete.