Buttocks implants

What are buttocks implants?

Increasing butt with implants is the most wanted surgical procedure, given the world’s aesthetic trends.

Implants are used in the case of flat or “sticky” buttocks, as well as inborn asymmetries or other deformations. Bone augmentation involves the insertion of special silicone implants into the area between two muscle layers, which changes the size (but not the shape of the buttocks).

Increasing the butt with implants is usually decided by people with a good health condition and satisfactory body weight. Often it is about candidates who regularly take exercise and look after proper nutrition, and sometimes are active athletes who in other ways have failed to achieve the desired form of gluteus.

Patient preparation

Within one month before the scheduled time, it is necessary to carry out diagnostic tests in consultation with the physician on a consultation screen, whereby medicines that can be used continuously should be noted.

Your doctor will recommend the avoidance of medicines that affect blood coagulation and at least 10 days before your surgery, it is recommended to stop smoking and abstain from alcohol consumption.

A few days before the surgery at Veik Polyclinic, anesthesia examination is also performed, as the surgery takes place in general anesthesia.

No alcohol or food should be consumed eight hours before the operation itself.

Two days before the procedure, the recommended body is washed twice daily with antibacterial soap, without the use of moisturizing creams, gels, and other skin care products.

The procedure

Increasing the buttocks of the implants is performed in general anesthesia (the patient sleeps during surgery). The candidate during the operation is in a lumbar position on the abdomen, and the operation begins with a cut of about five centimeters in the middle of the buttocks, from the cross bone to one of the muscles of the buttocks.

In the resulting “pocket” within the muscles the surgeon will insert an anatomically shaped implant, which will give the buttocks the desired size. If necessary, in some cases with the augmentation of the buttocks, the liposuction of the lower back may also be performed for more pronounced results.

Recovery process and helpful tips

In the period of one month after the operation, a compressive cushion will be required to provide the implant to maintain its position and reduce the swelling. For optimal results two to three weeks after surgery, it is recommended to avoid sitting and lying on the back.

Generally, cuts should not be exposed to load, pressure, or sudden movements at least one month after the operation.

It is recommended that month to month and a half avoid more demanding physical activities, including more exercise.

Although the recovery process is individual and depends on the patient’s physical condition, if the job does not require long-term sitting, daily work activities will be able to return on average after two weeks.

The appearance of pain and discomfort swells and scurries are expected, but not intense, severe pain. If this occurs, it is important that you contact your doctor as soon as possible.