What is breast lifting?

Breast lifting, a professional name for mastopeksi, is an aesthetic procedure that corrects the appearance of the breast. The breasts are certainly part of the body that largely depends on the self-confidence of women, they represent a symbol of femininity and sexual attraction so unwanted changes and appearance of mastopeksi can be avoided. Position and firmness, as well as overall appearance of the bust can be successfully corrected by lifting the breasts. Breast lifting is often performed along with implant placement. The combination of these two treatments gives extremely satisfactory results.

Patient preparation

CANDIDATES Full-grown women and girls are the ideal candidates for aesthetic breast lifting. Women are most likely to decide  for breast implants after pregnancy and breastfeeding, but also during the years when, due to the loss of elasticity, the skin is suddenly released. It is very important that the patient’s health condition is excellent in which the doctor will be convinced of the consultation and after the examination.

PREPARATION The history of disease, allergies, nutrition and habits contain very useful information to the surgeon before agreeing to the term of the surgery. Mammographic examinations are most commonly part of preoperative research. Quitting smoking and consuming drugs, such as aspirin, are a prerequisite that you must fulfill to undergo surgery. The day before the breast lifting operation, the body needs to wash with antibacterial soap

The procedure

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts for an average of five hours. First, it removes the excess skin and then the breasts and warts are lifted to the desired and previously agreed level. Sutures are performed around the aisola in the vertical line and along the folds of the breasts. If you have decided to insert the implant at the same time, the cut may be longer and deeper.

Recovery process and helpful tips

Recuperation may be longer lasting than most aesthetic interventions, so the results are visible only after two months. After the recovery period, the impressions of the patients are very positive, which also affects their self-confidence.

The patient stays in the clinic one day after surgery. The postoperative course sometimes requires laying of drenes. The doctor will prescribe the pain medication according to his own judgment. After leaving home, the patients should wear a specially designed bra. Antibiotics and analgesics are given to prevent possible infections and pains.  Seams are removed most often after 10 days. With light exercises, it only starts when you feel the pain and with the approval of the surgeon. If you adhere to all the instructions and advice, breast lifting will fully meet your purpose and meet all your expectations.

The breasts will get a new look and strength to the satisfaction of every woman who is undergoing surgery.